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  • Javascript or Buy Button Generators
  • Unlimited number of doorway pages

  • Unlimited number of Press Release Generators

  • Legal Document Generator

  • Customized Business Form Generator

  • Your own customized Meta Tag Generator

  • And all this simple to use templating system is coupled with algorithms that provides you with:

  • Super Affiliate Seeking Tool

  • Keyword Analyzer (Determines what keywords are best for your websites that gives you a better idea of niche products to target into!)

More versatile than its predecessor.
From simple sales letters to your own customized generators. The Instant Site Creator can be easily repositioned and sold to market your products without any programming knowledge!

  • New interface design
  • Easy rebranding features
  • Page rank of web page results in JV heat seeking tool.
  • Improved parsing algorithms


Skip that long and boring learning curve of building websites!

A typical scenario.

Are you faced with these questions everyday? How do you decide what to do next? What can be the perfect internet marketing tool for you?

Assuming that 90% of books bought were never been read, how can the reader gain his knowledge on internet marketing?

It took me six month to learn how to build my first website. It took me another 18 to make a substantial living from the net. Lucky? No I don't think so.

So how can you shorten this, you may ask?

Easy. Think of Instant Site Creator as the software that will guide you through and present you with all the important tools for successful internet marketing.

Instant Site Creator is designed for ease of use without any HTML knowledge. ..

  1. Select a niche keyword from the promote section, fill into the blanks. And all the meta tags for your template pages are automatically created.

  2. Just select the template for the website that you would like to design. Enter your colour preferences and click preview. VOILA! your website is done! Need some editing? Just go back to the specific question and edit it as you wish and click and that's it your website has been updated.

  3. Submit your website to the search engines and build the link directory for better search engine positioning easily.

  4. Want to have even better and faster results? You can choose the manual method where you have to go through all the trouble to find only a single qualified JV partener or just skip that by using the JV finder tool to find the top 5% of affiliates who will help sell your products faster then you can say... "huh?" Just key in a search term or a URL, get a cuppa of coffee and all the information including phone numbers and even addresses, ready. (This software alone is selling at $197 for a single usage license.)

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